1997 - 2001

IBM Österreich AG (Wien)


Sep-Okt 1997

IBM Österreich AG (Wien)

Traineeship; SAP-Consultant


UPT GmbH ( company existed until 2004)(Saarbrücken)

Scientific employee; conception, procurement and realization of meassurement systems

since 04/2001

Self-employeed in the area of SAP - Consulting: MM, SD, BC, IS-R (Retail) and e-procurement

since 11/2004

executive director of DINI Gmbh, Vienna, Austria





09/2019 -

- date

 SportScheck (Munich) .


Consulting for implementation CAR project "Backfill":

  • CAR - report für for sending stock information to external system

  • Check of correct posting vendor stock

  • Consulting CAR OAA: Sourcing strategy with customer enhancements

  • CAR OAA: realization customer requirements RSI for WebShop and source-related stock

01/2018 -

- 08/2019

 voestalpine AG (Linz) .

Consulting for core functions in module MM and diverse interfaces in th integration-projekt PROCESS

  • Workshops and Prozessanlayse, in-detal definition with operational department

  • Solution design

  • Analysen Idocs

  • Transfer / adaption of existing interfaces and customer modifications and enhancements

  • Workflow Idoc (ORDRSP)

  • WebService (search in ext. DMS)

06/2017 -


  SportScheck (Munich) .

2nd und 3rd Post Go-Live support ( after SAP Retail Implementation):

  • Corrections in VMI: Report (Consignation, Idoc PROACT)

  • Analysen GLD Entwicklung

  • Analysen Idocs

  • div. Programm-Analysen/Vorschläge zur Korrektur/und deren Adaption

  • Analysis of Jobchain - goods replenishment

01/2016 -


 SPAR Austria AG (Salzburg) .

Consulting for harmonization project “Maximarkt“ (Migration 4.0B to ECC 6.0 /Retail and integration / haronizatiohn of precesses with the central SAP System)

  • Definition of cross system processes in logistics, procurement and material dispolsal

  • Connection of logisitcal data interchange within the SPAR enterprise for buying, delieveries, harmonized ordering and invoicing

  • New development of connection of mobile devices (MDE) with integratede funtionalities of store orders

  • IDoc-processsing: communikation with central SPAR systems (order, orderchange, delivery aviso, invoice) and external inventory mgmt system

  • Central order-monitor for the MDE, and inventory disposal from exter. system

  • Webservice for dynamic inventory statements

  • Adaptions for harmonisation of BOM


SPAR Austria AG (Salzburg)


Consulting and Implementation for Release-Upgrade 4.6c to ECC 6.0 /Retail

  • Adoption of Customer developments pricing - redesign

  • Allignment modifications in pricing of 4.6c ; customer exits upgrade on 6.0 ; Upgrade to ABAP OO / Enhancements, customer reports for cut-over

  • IDoc-processing: adopt customer developments

  • Customer develpments in bonus buy

  • Mass data management via eCATT

  • Queries, Quickviews, error analysis

  • Ticketing with SolMan


OMV (Wien)


Consulting for SAP Retail 4.6C :

Idoc-Change Documents

  • Development of programe for replication of changed purchase prices for the gas stations

  • IDoc generation and refinements in data gain

  • customer-specific developments

  • Support for retail application

  • Cross system import of BOM-alternatives per IDoc


SPAR (Salzburg, Austria)


Consulting for Retail - Release Upgrade 4.6C

  • Upgrade of modifications with 4.0 within integrated article master

  • integrity of customer-specific developments, search help, etc.

  • Customizing of user-dependent article master




LEDER & SCHUH AG (Graz, Austria)

Consulting for SAP RETAIL (extract)

  • Customizing of invoicing and message controlling

  • Design Cross Company Process (cross company-code deliveries, invoices,...)

  • Queries: Analysis of invoices and taxnumbers

  • Printdesign (SAPscript) : invoices, req.-orders, dunnings

  • Modifikations in dunning list (ABAP)

  • Customizing of fax facility

  • Programming using IDOC interface

  • Batch Input Maps (mass-corrections)

  • Printlists (ABAP)

  • Requsition release strategy on 2 levels with print-preview

  • Adaption of invoice to complementary customs duty system 'DHF'

  • Engagement of Workflow for automatic booking of duty-postponement


SIEMENS (Wien, Austria)


Consulting for a migration projekt

  • Programming a Interface for ext.System and DataWarehouse




J. HORNIG (Graz, Austria)


Consulting for SAP RETAIL (extract)

  • Reorganization of article master

  • Archive of MM-, SD- and Master Data


Isovolta GmbH (Wiener Neudorf, Austria)


Consulting for warehouse mgmt. system (mainly)

  • Customizing WM

  • Automatization WM

  • Key-user education

  • master data queries

  • BatchInput mass data capture

  • LIS: Inventory information system


TEACHER (div. places)

02/2000 Trade Union of communal employees of Vienna

  • Overview basic processes MM

  • Concept and design of a implementation project

  • Concept of authentication

  • Processviews / Data-Modelling

  • Security / Logging / Queries

10/2000 SAP Course BC 460 - SAPScript

  • Lecturer for the 3 day SAP course about designing forms / printing /text elements / printing-interface




Consulting for the modules MM and SD in the subproject "spare parts/tyres":

  • handling of returns and integration to WM

  • Designing of user tests

  • End-user training

  • Programming in ABAP (Data upload, customer specific infostructures)

  • printer destination management

  • Logistik information system